From the desk of Bill Nuccio
Nuccio Auto Group
To our clients and friends, 
During this time, Nuccio Auto Group has reviewed our business and found new areas to grow and add convenience for our clients. We know that once we get through this interruption we will be a more complete and well-rounded resource for you. We have currently expanded to have a full and complete service center that can complete any level of service needed. Please keep in mind, with our new service center we now offer complete mechanical maintence, engine overhaul, suspension, brakes, exhaust, as well as these detailing services: PPF film, paint correction, detailing, ceramic coating, tinting, wheel refinishing and other peripheral services all in house. This could be a good time to address those car needs that you may have been putting off. We are also offering pickup and delivery for services for maintenance and detailing. Please contact us for more details. 
We want to be sensitive during this time as cars may be the farthest thing from some people's minds to discuss. However, we do want to provide a strategy to those who are interested in purchasing or selling a car during this time. If you have been looking for that special car for a while now, this time may provide some opportunities that we are not likely to see again. We are offering videos and facetime with any of the vehicles that we have in stock. Also if you are looking to sell your car, we are always looking to add to our inventory. Be sure to ask us about our consignment program. 
Stay safe and stay strong,
Bill Nuccio 
Nuccio Auto Group
We look forward to making your dreams come true!!

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I can see now why Bill Nuccio has achieved so much 'referral' business over the years - I was referred to Nuccio Auto Group by my neighbor who had previously bought a Lotus from Bill - he encouraged me to work with him on finding a car for my wife. We were looking for a collectible 60's muscle car and had been scouring the internet for over a year.

Lo and behold, Bill called us to come see a fully restored 1969 Buick Skylark GS that he had new in his inventory! It was an amazing vehicle, our own mechanic said the car was in pristine shape and the asking price was great too.

Meeting with Bill was extremely relaxing, friendly and informative - a totally different experience than working with any other car 'dealer'. He was fully transparent on every aspect of the sale - both the condition of the car and the financial aspect as well. If you are in the market for top quality, higher-end sports cars or more exotic vehicles - don't waste your time talking to anyone other than Nuccio Auto Group!

Thanks Bill and Nuccio Auto Group

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