We pride ourselves on delivering the ultimate car buying experience. Whether your first exotic or you are adding to your collection, let the team at Nuccio Auto Group put their experience to work for you!

Buying a car sight-unseen requires trust that just doesn't come easy in our line of business. It doesn't require such a large leap of faith if your dealer has the proven record of delivering the cleanest, most accurately described exotic vehicles in the arena. We can alleviate some of your concerns with the comments of some fellow 'jumpers'. Below you will find some of the emails and letters sent to us from satisfied exotic buyers all across the U.S. If you would like to see the enthusiasts that make up our sales force, click here to Meet your Team.



I recently purchased a 1986 Mercedes 560SL from Nuccio Auto Group and couldn’t be happier with the experience. Bill answered my lengthy set of questions in a timely and truthful manner, even providing closeup photos of the few areas of the vehicle where it was not like it left the factory. Bill had several items inspected by his mechanic and had him perform repairs I had had not requested that made the vehicle even better. Finally, Bill arranged transport to my city at a substantially lower rate than I was being quoted.


Good morning Bill,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how Blessed I feel and share my sincere appreciation and gratitude to you for the professionalism and humility with which you treated me through out the entire process of my purchase of the 2015 Volvo S80 premium edition. From the moment we first spoke on the phone I felt a genuine comfort level dealing with you even though I just meet you at that moment over the phone. Really , this entire experience could not have gone any better and I truly Thank you for that! I sincerely hope we get the opportunity to meet in person for a dinner next September when I am in Chicago for the IMTS trade show.

Thank you and Have a Blessed Day,
Bill Andrews


Great experience and smooth transaction, through and through! Bill Jr was amazing at keeping in contact, answering all my questions, and gathering the items I wanted. They even opened after hours for me to pick up the car!

The car is amazing and glad I made the purchase.,
Thanks again!
Regards, Brandon

Hi Bill,

I recently purchased my first exotic car after an online search. I was fortunate to find a listing through the Nuccioautogroup. Bill Sr. and I communicated often and clearly to arrive at a win-win deal for both of us. I am totally satisfied with my purchase and was offered a more than fair trade in value for my very low milage Corvette. It was a pleasure talking and working with Bill.

John I (North Carolina)

The experience that I had here was truly amazing! I worked directly with Bill senior, but also interacted quite a bit with Bill junior. This is a true family run business. Moreover, they are a relationship built business. Bill was very attentive, without being pushy. I truly believe that they are about building a relationship with their customers, rather than just pushing for a sale and then moving on to the next. Bill wanted to be sure that this was the right deal, and it was. I purchased my "bucket list" car from Nuccio Auto Group. I could not be happier with the vehicle, the deal, and the transaction process. A true five star experience! Highly recommend. (Plus their showroom has some spectacular examples of automotive engineering!!)

Michael Diaz

Hi Bill,

I recently purchased a 2006 Porsche 997 Carrera S from Bill Nuncio. The buying experience was one of the best I have ever had. The car was exactly as advertised. Great group of people to deal with, I highly recommend this organization and I will definitely be doing future business with Bill.

David Lindstrom


Then came Race Day at Charlotte Motor Speedway, North Carolina. “Gentlemen, start your engines!” I looked at my co-worked and said, “I’m buying that car.”

Two days later I made an offer with Bill Nuccio for the 2006 Lotus Elise. My father and I drove up from Little Rock, AR to Nuccio Auto Group in Addison, IL (9-½ hour drive) to inspect the car. WOW! The Chrome Orange Lotus Elise looked even better in person. No rust, no dents, no scratches; a fifteen year old car and you would think the car was new.

Bill and his team were welcoming and very easy to work with. They promised to hold onto the car for us while we made travel arrangements, despite receiving multiple offers from other buyers. The car run great, sounds great, and I couldn’t be happier.

Mark Dix


The purpose of this letter is to highly commend and strongly recommend Nuccio Auto Group in Addison Illinois because of their honesty and dedication to customer service and customer satisfaction. I have been buying and selling cars since the 1950s when '57 Chevrolets were several hundred dollars, as well as dealing for cars in numerous states. Nuccio Auto Group's impeccable professional integrity and superior inventory of autos outshine all dealers I have done business with. When you want the best in a sports car from the best dealer, go to Nuccio Auto Group

Thank you Nuccio Auto Group!
Steven Ronza


Bought a classic car from a thousand miles away. Bill was communicative, professional and not pushy. Shipping was fast and car was exactly as described. These guys are worthy of your business and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Most importantly, they seem quite straight forward and honest.

B Crabtree


I just purchased a 1994 Dodge Viper SRT/10 from the Nuccio Auto Group, a car I have wanted for 25 years. I purchased the vehicle without ever seeing it in person. I was comfortable doing so because Bill Sr. and Bill Jr. were both helpful and accomodating in providing me extra photographs, pictures, documentation etc. When it arrived at my home, it was exactly as I expected it to be. It seems to me that they sell quality cars and represent them fairly to their buyers. I am very satisfied with my experience with the Nuccio Auto Group and, if my wife doesn't murder me for this one, I would happily buy another car from them in the future.

Brian Wills


I want to thank you for a phenomenal car buying experience! From first contact to shipping the car you've been a class act. The pictures and information provided truly represented the car.

I will definitely keep checking your website for any future cars I'm in the market for.

Again, Thank You to you and all of Nuccio Auto Group!

TB in New York


Is it possible to give someone a 15 /10 rating? You wanna talk about an amazing experience purchasing a vehicle? This is the place and the Nuccio family are the people. Bill, i cant thank you enough for making a childood ldream come true! I bought a Ferrari 355 F1 spyder from this guy without ever seeing it in person, without ever walking into his dealership, without ever even meeting him. Its the only deal i ever made in my life without shaking a hand and thats the only thing that upsets me about the whole experience. In fact, i've never been in Illinois nor do i live in the same Country!!! I live in Canada and ive been searching for my childhood dream car for the past two years with no luck. Everytime i thought i found "the one" something was wrong with it. I decided to look in the USA since i was having no luck up here in the GREAT NORTH. I stumbled across one and it directed me to a wonderful website with crisp photos of every possible detail one would ask for when looking at a car. The description was extremely detailed and answered every conceivable detail. Obviously the concern remained. I mean who buys a car like that without seeing it? Its unheard of. Its just not done! But what do i have to loose? Let me call the number and ask some questions. Well let me tell you, i got a call from Bill and literally after a few short minutes of talking to him i started to realize the man was as honest as honest can be. He was completely understanding of my concern regarding the distance, importing and ultimately the fact that i would never see the car untill it was purchased, imported and transported to me in Canada. He dropped everything to take pictures of all my requests and once i realized that it was a complete car (books, tools, tonneau cover, car cover, etc), the deal was done. Two years of searching boiled down to a 30 minute conversation. He even went as far as to send me videos of the car being loaded onto the car carrier for delivery. Bill, i want to thank you again for the whole experience. Its obviously one i will remember for as long as my memory serves me. Smoothest purchase of my life! Its rare to find people with a passion for what they do. You are one of the few who truly found their calling. Im holding you to your promise, this deal is not officially over complete untill i get a hand shake. See you in T.O. cuz!

Fab Ciasca

Dear Nooch,

Just a quick note to express my total satisfaction with the recent purchase of my 58 Corvette! The car was represented perfectly, and it was a pleasure dealing with you and your Organization. The delivery process was seamless and on time. I would recommend anyone looking for a quality vehicle with an honest and friendly representation towards Nuccio Auto Group. Again, thank you, looking forward to meeting you in person.

Yours Truly,
Vincent (Oooch) Ucci

Hey Bill, I wanted to thank you for everything with the M6, the car is great, the whole process was easy and smooth. I drove up from St. Louis to buy an M6 that Bill had for sale, all of his cars are inside one of his 2 garages and they are kept meticulously clean. You couldn’t ask for someone easier to work with and make your transaction feel like a personal experience rather than just a business transaction like you get with most dealers. Bill told me the car was perfect, but I still insisted on having a PPI before i drove up, he was totally fine with that and accommodated for a mechanic to do an inspection prior to my arrival. He wasn’t pushy, he always answered my phone call or texts and responded promptly, and the car was priced fairly. I appreciate your kindness, hospitality, and the beautiful car of course.


As a life-long purchaser of collectible automobiles, I naively assumed that when the day came to sell my precious babies, the selling process would be a slam-dunk. Little did I know that Craigslist, Bring-a-trailer, and ebay would result in nothing but aggravation and hours of chasing after tire kickers who did not possess the funds or character to purchase my prized cars.

After much frustration, I decided a few months back to give the consignment program at Motorcars by Bill Nuccio a try. I am extremely happy to report I have successfully sold cars ranging from musclecars to Ferraris by way of their consignment program and my only regret is that I had not contacted them sooner. In all cases I firmly believe the sales proceeds I received were far in excess of what I would have received had I traded in the cars, sold them outright, or listed them on the internet. The attention to detail, the commitment to customer service, and the completely transparent communication was far in excess of what I could have expected.

I have a number of cars in the collection which I will be selling in the future and there is no question they will ALL be consigned to Bill Nuccio for the Nuccio treatment.

Nick G

Hi Bill, I cant thank you enough for the best car buying experience ever. You were knowledgeable, professional & personable. Being an out of state buyer, not only did I get the car I've always wanted but you came through & made everything come together from beginning to end. I am very satisfied & love my new car!!

Cathy H

Nuccio Auto Group was great and helped out with recent consignment deal. Really appreciate all your efforts and getting the deal done.

Michael J. Johnson

Hello Bill Sr and Bill Jr,

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the 1970 Superbird I purchased from Nuccio Auto Group. It is gorgeous and exactly as you presented it. She is worth every dime I paid. Being 66 years old I have dealt with a lot of people. None any better then you guys. If I was again looking for another car I would buy it from you in a heartbeat. Hopefully some day we can meet in person.

Rick McGuire

I cannot recommend Bill and his team highly enough!!! I was in the market for a dream car for my wife and Bill delivered in spades. She is now the proud owner of her "forever car", a Bentley Continental Flying Spur. She was "dancing on the ceiling" when it was delivered. Bill saw to it that the vehicle was in impeccable condition, and worked with me to assure a price that was fair to all. Bill helped to arrange transportation, which was extremely helpful. When dealing with high end ultraluxury and exotic vehicles, one's expectations are deservedly high. Bill and the team exceeded them all. Could not ask for more. Nuccio is the right dealership for the right cars!!!!

Tim in Atlanta

From the moment I contacted Bill Jr. at the Nuccio Auto Group, regarding the Red Mercedes Convertible, his warm and kind response drew me in. I had questions regarding the history report on this vehicle, Bill Jr. inquired and responded back immediately.

At that point, I shared my interest in purchasing this car. I made an offer which was much lower than the listed price, Bill Jr. immediately offered me a lower price. Although his offer was fair, my budget could not support that price.

After telling Bill Jr. what my max budget was, he agreed to speak with the owner and negotiate on my behalf. Bill Jr. responded back the very next day approving my budget amount.

The best thing about my experience with the Nuccio family was not the purchase of this Convertible which I am very pleased with. It was having the opportunity to meet this wonderful God-Fearing family. From meeting Bill Jr.'s Mother, Mrs. Nuccio who made me feel like a part her family, to Bill Jr. who worked on the car for 4 hours prior to purchase, making sure that the car was impeccable, and that I was completely satisfied.

Get this, the owner of this convertible was Bill Jr.'s girlfriend whom he negotiated the price on my behalf. Best surprise yet, she (Juanita), surprised me with a pair of Burberry Sunglasses to wear while driving this amazing car.

Finally, the icing on the cake was when I received a call from Mr. Bill Sr. stating, he was sorry that he was unavailable to meet with me due to previous obligations. If I had a Million Dollars to spend on a vehicle, I would spend every cent of it with the Nuccio Auto Group Family. Why? Because they are more than just an Auto Dealership, they are an experience that everyone needs to have.

Thanks again
W. Alexander-Chicago, IL.

Hi Bill

Thank you for everything, the Mustang couldn't be nicer. I received the title today also, so thank you for that too. I will watch for the shifter ball, Ford window sticker, and what ever else Thomas may have.

Thank you so much,

Once a while you come across a Business like Nuccio Auto Group owned by Bill Nuccio Sr. Where “listening and details” still matter such as…..

  • Providing that rare “Customer Experience” that is worlds apart then your use too; especially from a car dealership. This is one of many reasons his business thrives and has many referrals that will be ongoing including mine.
  • Bill’s following-Up and replies were timely and genuine.
  • Bill actually loves and you can tell he enjoys the car business….so it’s NOT work when you love what you do. I remember emailing then calling Bill Memorial Day weekend with my offer for the “BLACKED OUT” Dodge Challenger they had. Bill excitedly said I have sold 5 cars today and you’re the 6th 
  • Note... I bought WITHOUT even a test driving because I’m in Minnesota. Why? Because I read the testimonials and knew it would be fine.
  • Also the 60 plus Professional pictures were an add ’l piece of mind.
  • I was going to arrange my own transport but Bill said he can do it. (I took his advice and did “Enclosed” choice to protect my new Car)
  • Paperwork was painless and I remember when I called his wife Linda was sitting next to him verifying my email address while preparing all the docs. (A Family Business to boot is cool) I babbling now so Thank you again, 10 of 10 and have and will recommend you to anyone in the market.

Stay well

They Are the Best,Bill is Awesome and over the top to deal with.My Viper loves its new home.

NB Boston


This was a car-buying experience like no other! The car, a Lexus SC430 Convertible, was actually better than the pictures and the description. Bill, and his son Bill, were so accommodating and easy to work with. We reached a very fair price and the interaction was actually delightful. That is not what I have come to expect when I go car shopping! The price, quality, and experience were all 5 Star level. We drove 500 miles round trip to see this car and make the purchase. If you can visit their showroom it is truly a sight to behold. We were blown away when we walked in. (Yes, all their cars are inside!) If I were to buy a car for Nuccio in the future I would have no hesitation to buy it, sight unseen, and have it shipped to my front door. (They did ship this one and that was top-notch service as well!) If they have something you are looking for, you will not be disappointed!
Thanks, Bill. It was all our pleasure!

Mike & LouAnn, Columbus IN

Love my car!

I was extremely impressed with my purchase. The car was exactly as Bill had described and then some. I would definitely do business with again. I want to thank Bill for a great sales experience!

Tony T

Good morning Bill,

I just wanted to take a minute and express how great of a buying experience I had from the moment I sent the inquiry from Autotrader about my Z06 till the moment I got the keys and drove away. The communication was great every step of the way in the buying process and you guys made me feel like a member of your family. The dynamic in the office was just something you don’t get in bigger dealerships where you are just a number or commission to the salesmen. I will definitely be recommending you guys to anyone I know that is in the market for a car and I look forward to doing business with you guys again in the future. Thanks again for everything!!!
Stay safe and have a great day Bill
Best Regards,

Christopher S. D'Atri

I purchased a 2006 Corvette and worked with Bill through the whole process. Bill was very helpful in every way during the entire process. The car was exactly how it was described and I was thrilled when it was delivered. I would recommend the Nuccio Auto Group to anyone who is looking for a well cared for used car with great service.
Thanks Bill,

Dave NYS

The guys at Nuccio were very professional and sold my hard to sell Tesla in a short period of time. I had been trying to sell the car for two years and they sold it in two months. Great experience.

Ed Bachrach

Thank you Bill Jr/Sr to reunite myself with this wonderful low mileage BMW M coupe! I had one back in 2000 and happy to own another.

The car is great, still has a new smell to it and will be enjoyed for many years to come. With the few miles I put on this weekend, I’ve already have many heads turn and ask what kind of car is this?It’s beautiful.

The shipping arranged was prompt and professional and look forward to another seamless business transaction with you again in the near future. Bill Jr, thanks again for the financing suggestions which were both quick and painless

C. Jocan


I have had the privilege of doing business with the Nuccios for 18 years. During that time, they have sold me two Lotus Esprits, a Lotus Elise, and I sold them my Acura NSX. On each occasion, the Nuccios were a pleasure to work with. I am particularly grateful to them for their patience and honesty in answering all of my questions, and for the great efficiency and accuracy their professional staff exhibits in finalizing the deals and assisting with careful transportation. I recommend the Nuccios without hesitation; they have earned my trust and look forward to doing business with them again in the future.

D. Miller

Hi Bill

I bought a 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition from Nuccio Auto Group without seeing the car in person. Bill describe the car to me in every detail. We closed the deal over the phone and I wired him the funds. Within one week I had the car in Denver! Bill did organized for me the 1000 mile journey. Bill was spot on with his description, the paperwork and shipping. I could not be happier about the whole transaction. I would buy again from him in a minute when I see the correct car for me on his lot. Thanks so much for a wonderful car and transaction!!!!

Dirk Schobner


I can see now why Bill Nuccio has achieved so much 'referral' business over the years - I was referred to Nuccio Auto Group by my neighbor who had previously bought a Lotus from Bill - he encouraged me to work with him on finding a car for my wife. We were looking for a collectible 60's muscle car and had been scouring the internet for over a year.

Lo and behold, Bill called us to come see a fully restored 1969 Buick Skylark GS that he had new in his inventory! It was an amazing vehicle, our own mechanic said the car was in pristine shape and the asking price was great too.

Meeting with Bill was extremely relaxing, friendly and informative - a totally different experience than working with any other car 'dealer'. He was fully transparent on every aspect of the sale - both the condition of the car and the financial aspect as well. If you are in the market for top quality, higher-end sports cars or more exotic vehicles - don't waste your time talking to anyone other than Nuccio Auto Group!

Brad Burker and Anita Hornung

Good luck trying to find a better place to buy a car. There is never a perfect car dealer however Bill and his son Bill Jr really try to buy quality and keep their customers happy with their purchase. You can all ways find CHEAPER but are you willing to put your money in junk. Why do they have customers that have bought 20 cars from them? The answer is they can?t find a better place that produces the quality they handle.In the long run a thousand or two thousand more could be your best choice.You know the difference as soon as it comes off the truck. Please wake up and buy quality this dealer can deliver that.

RC FLORIDA, Broward County

"Working with Bill was seamless, I highly recommend Bill and his company if you are looking to sell a car. The process was fast, efficient and couldn’t ask for a better experience. This process could have been nerve-racking but Bill’s years of experience were evident in how seamless he made everything.

Thank you again!
Michael Tschebaum


Recently I bought a beautiful 2007 Lotus Elise from Nuccio Auto. The car was in great shape and a fair deal was struck for my dream car. Beyond that, though, they made me feel like family. I toured their facility and had a great time just talking cars with Bill Jr. I had a superb experience with Nuccio Auto and look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Thank You!!

i was looking for a mercedes s63 cabriolet and found one that was the exact color combination for sale at nuccio auto group in illinois the car was 2 years ld with only 4000 miles when i called and spoke with bill nuccio sr he assured me the car was as new we quickly arrived at a price and he was taking my mercedes in trade he wanted to just ship it in a closed trailer but being a paranoid purchaser i made arrangements to fly from florida to chicago bill picked me up at the airport—went to see the car and as bill said the car was as new this was on a thursday next day the car was on an enclosed carrier and arrived monday what a pleasure doing business with the nuccio auto group i give them 5 stars simply the best

Ken Yessin


I had the true pleasure of purchasing a fine automobile at Nuccio Auto Group a couple weeks ago. I had been looking for my dream car, in immaculate condition, for the past few years. And boy did I find it. I saw it online, called from Atlanta and talked to Bill Jr. Bill Sr. called me the next day, at which time I told him I was flying in to Chicago and would most certainly buy the car if it looked anything like the pictures. They held the car for me even when others had offered deposits. They say that these are the last honest car dealers, and I can certainly attest. Thank you Bill and Bill and all the staff at Nuccio! I am the very happy and proud owner of my “96 Viper!

Geoff K


The Honda S2000 arrived as promised last evening, and it is very close to PERFECT!!! Wife was totally surprised and speechless.....wasn't sure whether she was gonna kiss me or kill me! The driver was a real pro and took good care of things for us.

You ARE a man of your word, and it was a pleasure working with you on this. I rarely, if ever, buy something "sight unseen", but this car is everything you said, and more. I would not hesitate to recommend your Auto Group to anyone who asks, or provide a testimonial if you want someone to call me for a review. You people get TEN out of TEN!!!

If every merchant treated their customers like you do, we'd all be much better off and happier. If for any reason I need or have to sell this car in the future, you will be the first call I make.

Many, many thanks again, and all the best to you.
Dave Guetzko

Checked out Nuccio Auto Group to look at a Maserati Quattroporte s Q4 they just got in. I scheduled a test drive with Bill and he was very friendly to great me and offered me coffee and dunkin donuts upon my arrival. He already pulled the car out ready for me to take a look and let me play with all of the controls and settings before taking it on the road. He let me do some pulls to really feel the power of the car, which instantly sold me between the classy interior and the amazing performance and sound that Maserati has to offer. He was very professional the whole time and was a pleasure to do business with once we settled on a price and began the paperwork. My insurance company took over 45 minutes to transfer the new car onto my plan, but Bill never ran out of patience. He was also running a car show during this time and was still able to provide me with his utmost attention. I am very satisfied with how easy it was to work with Bill and provide me with the best deal possible for the car. Definitely going here first when I am in the market again for another car. 10/10 would recommend to anyone in the market.

I purchased an SL550 from Nuccio Auto Group and am Super Excited! Both Bill, Jr. and Bill, Sr., provided outstanding service! I have not had any issues with the vehicle. I took a flight to Chicago and they arranged to pick me up. The vehicle was in “excellent” condition and the pictures posted on Nuccio’s site, did not do justice! The car was Beautiful! Stunning! Truly Amazing! I couldn’t believe it! After my purchase, Nuccio reached out on several occasions to see if I was happy and whether there was anything more they could do. To say the least, I am more than happy – I’m “Elated !!!” I purchased my last vehicle from Mercedes. Let me say, by far, Mercedes is “no competition” for Nuccio! I can’t say enough about this dealership, their professionalism and efforts to achieve customer satisfaction! All around good experience!


We purchased our second vehicle from Bill last week.

Honestly, we came prepared to buy the car because the details on his web site were so explicit.

So many great pictures, very detailed specifications and his price was also attractive.

This was another seamless transaction for us when you buy from the right dealer, who has the right car at the right value.
Thanks again Bill.
Mark and Pam F


I purchased a collector car from Bill a few months ago sight unseen. I had a few issues with it when it arrived, but I waited a few months to contact him to make sure there wasn’t anything I had missed. When I did contact him, he got back to me quickly, and after discussing everything, he resolved all of my issues to my complete satisfaction. Sometimes it’s as important who you buy from ,as to what car you are buying. I highly recommend them.
Wayne Poe - Laguna Niguel, CA


Recently I purchased my first exotic from Bill Nuccio. As you can imagine I was very apprehensive as I have never spent this kind of money on a car before. I had been shopping for months and researching the pros and cons of my chosen car along with what to watch out for on the preowned market. A nice example showed up in Bill's inventory so I shot him an email asking some basic questions. He called me shortly there after and we went into more discussion. He explained to me the car was on consignment from a good customer and that it was a beautiful car that was one of the best in the country of that model. I made an offer on the car and he said he would talk to the owner. Later that day he called back with a counter offer and explained to me what he would make on the consignment. His offer was very reasonable and we came to an agreement quickly.

I made arrangements to fly to Chicago to look at the car. The car was just as Bill had presented it. It was absolutely stunning. I truly enjoyed spending the day with Bill, his wife Linda, Bill Jr. and Chad. Bill showed me around the place and we talked cars. Bill and his family are true enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge on the vehicles and the market. This is the most seamless and dare I say enjoyable car purchase I have ever experienced. I hope to be doing more business with Nuccio in the future as I am sure this won't be my last exotic purchase.
Thank you very much Bill and family.
Alan Scholes - Tennessee

Bill Nuccio

First, I want to thank you for the time you spent with me during my purchase of the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4.

I, like most people, have reservations about purchasing a vehicle via the internet and phone communication but you won my confidence when explaining the credibility of your business Nuccio Auto group.

Upon my arrival the vehicle was just what you had advertised. The 59 high quality pictures that you provided in your original listing had already allowed me to see every single detail of the vehicle before I had the chance to seen it in person.

From the time that I met you and you wife I could sense that you were not just trying to sell me a car but you treated me like family. No pushy sales person...No pressure...No gimmicks on pricing. Just a great Home-Grown business atmosphere where a hand shake still exists and means something, and pride in ownership is apparent.

The tour of your showroom was also amazing. I could see that you were also a car guy.

I would like to express my gratitude for going the extra mile and ensuring that everything was right with our new 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4 Which we are really enjoying! We will definitely tell a friend, and so on and so on. No need for big expensive advertising, your reputation speaks for itself. Nuccio Auto group is first class!
Thanks again for everything
James Seidelman

Hi Bill,

I recently bought a Lotus Elan from Nuccio Auto Group and it might just be the best car buying experience I have had to date. There are several reasons for this.

  1. My Elan was at the lower end of their inventory and yet I always felt as if my deal was as important as any other.
  2. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly
  3. What they said panned out, no surprises
  4. I was not put under any pressure and the deal was fair
  5. It felt like buying a car from a friend or a relative.

I think though, what has really made this purchase more memorable is what I have experienced after the sale

  1. I joined a Lotus owners club and when I mentioned where I bought my car several members edified Bill Sr and Bill Jr. That unprompted feedback was reassuring.
  2. Bill Jr continues to offer help and advice because my car needs a few mods so I can better fit into it (I am 6’ 4”)
  3. Bill introduced me to a great technical shop that can perform all of the mods I need.

Great guys, great inventory, honest & fair dealing. What more could you ask for?
Thanks for everything,


I can’t begin to tell you how much i appreciate the way you and your Team work with customers. I could easily see you have been doing it for a long time.

In my situation living 500 miles from you in Omaha Nebraska I didn’t test Drive the car or even have someone check it out. I looked at the Car Fax and Took your word for the quality of the car and it was spot on

A 2007 ZO6 Corvette with only 18,000 miles doesn’t come along every day And so many that I looked at weren’t even close to being as clean. You told Me when you think of Nuccio there is one word to describe. Unique.

This corvette is Unique and it looks, rides and drives like a new car.

Thanks again and I would certainly recommend your dealership to anyone Looking for an Extra Clean Unique Vehicles.
Denny Drake - Omaha Ne

Nuccio Auto Group has exceeded my expectations.

I chose the Chicagoland motorsport dealership to consign my special-interest car because of their respected reputation in the industry, knowledge of the market and vast inventory of high-quality, rarely found vehicles. My car sold within six weeks for a less than typical consignment fee.

Online presentation of my car and entire inventory is superb - professionally shot in an in-house studio for a thorough, uncluttered pictorial review of each vehicle available.

I like that Nuccio Auto Group is family run, having each member dedicated to a particular side of the daily business operation. Everyone is personable and welcoming with excellent communication throughout the buying/selling process.

I found Nuccio Auto Group prices reflect the expected market value for exceptional, low mile and selectively-driven specialty vehicles.
Jim Jackson - St. Charles, IL

Great People. Great Experience.

Bill Nuccio the principal owner of the dealership contacted me Right away. It can be very difficult to purchase a car on line but He made it easy.

Bill and I discussed the car they were selling and the car I was Trading and in about 30 minutes we agreed on a price.

Nuccio Auto is near Chicago and I live in Omaha so I couldn’t Get there to pick up the car for a few weeks. Once again Bill Nuccio was very understanding and easy to work with.

If I had to rate Nuccio on a scale of 1 to 10 I would definitely Give them a 12. Great People. Great Experience
DD - Omaha, NE


Buying a car sight unseen is a daunting task. I found a car I was interested in and sent an email to Bill Jr. He was courteous, upfront and honest. He went out of his way to make things happen and even offered to pick up at airport (though he hooked me up with enclosed transport-which delivered the vehicle in perfect condition) I would not have a second thought of ever buying a vehicle from Nuccio Auto Group. Best car buying experience ever.
Mark - NC

Dear Nuccio family,

Linda, thank you for sending the final cheque (check), it arrived just before we left for the UK. We’re back home now to some nice weather and reflecting on our time in Fl when it was 20 degrees hotter than here!

Both Bills, thank you for your kindness in all the transactions over the purchase of my 308. Bill Jnr, for the negotiations and all the paperwork and attention to the transaction, and Bill Snr for saying, in my hour of need, that all will be sorted following the engine problems – and it was! This was all so much appreciated. Thank you both.

To Linda for her diligence in securing the registration of the vehicle against all odds and so much ‘red tape’. The registration people need a real job to do! Thank you so much Linda. Frustration is now over, I hope!

Bill Snr, I promised you a testimonial for your website, and here it is:

I have to say that my dealings with the Nuccio Auto Group from as far away as the UK has been a rewarding experience. I recently purchased a classic car from the company, unseen except for a series of photographs on the website. The transaction was processed without a fault and the car delivered to my Florida residence just as they said it would. There were a few mechanical problems owing to the age of the vehicle but these were dealt with promptly, at their cost, without argument. I found the Nuccio people so straightforward and honest that if I was to buy another car in the US I would call them without hesitation. From my experience they are always happy to talk to make the buying experience second to none. Thank you so much Bill Snr, Linda Nuccio and Bill Jnr. Looking forward to meeting you all one day.

If you would like me to tweak this please let me know.
Very best wishes to you all.


The car is beautiful! Everything you said it was, and more! Many thanks for working so easily with me on this — and for all your patience and reassurances along the way. I couldn’t be happier. Had a magnificent drive from Denver to Aspen last evening.
J.S. - CO


5 out of 5 stars - Bill Jr and Sr both were awesome.. I inquired.. got a email back very quickly..We came to an agreement within 2 hours of the first contact. Got all docs to me within 3 days and the car is already on its way to me. Super fair and very friendly. I will definitely always see what they have in inventory when making a purchase.
J.H - DE


I was looking to purchase a new vehicle, but was not in a big hurry. It was more important for me to find the right vehicle and do business with Nuccio Auto Group. Bill called me on the perfect car for myself. My new Audi S8 could not of been any nicer. The relationship and trust I have with the Nuccio's is invaluable. I will never buy another car from anywhere other than Nuccio Auto Group. I am 100% satisfied again.

You have very good taste in interesting cars and I look forward to keeping a close watch on your inventory in the future.
Thank You
Tony Nuccio


Just an update on the 2012 SLS AMG that was delivered to me in California last week. Everything is perfect! The car is exactly as represented and also way more fun to drive that I would have expected. Everything about the process was excellent, from my visit to your facilities in Chicago to the paperwork processing and delivery. Most important, as I’ve examined and now become more acquainted with the car I can honestly say all my expectations are exceeded.

You have very good taste in interesting cars and I look forward to keeping a close watch on your inventory in the future.
DD California

Excellent Purchase Experience

I purchased a Lotus Exige S240 from Nuccio Auto Group in Dec 2017 and had a great experience from start to finish. I worked with both Bill Jr and Bill Sr throughout the transaction and in all cases found them to be prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and transparent. As an out of state buyer I was reliant upon photos and detailed conversations with Bill's team to get a good feel for the condition of the car. When it arrived I was blown away by now nice it (a 10 year old car) was - - far surpassing my very high expectations.

The most telling part of my experience however happened after the transaction was completed, as the car unfortunately suffered very minor damage at the hands of a third party shipping company. As we worked with the shipper to resolve the issue, Bill was just as helpful and responsive as he was prior to my commitment to buy the car. Bill will tell you that they are in the business of building lifetime relationships rather than simply selling cars, and in my case they backed that statement up 100% with their actions. I plan to enjoy the Lotus for many years but when its time for a change, Nuccio Auto Group will the first place I look. Thanks guys!
Chris from Birmingham, AL - January 7, 2018


Hi guys! I just wanted to email you and tell you that we LOVE the new car! It’s amazing and just what we were looking for! Thanks also for making the whole buying process easy and wonderful! You guys really are great! We enjoyed meeting you yesterday! Thanks again for everything! We’re calling the credit union tomorrow right away so I’ll let you know when you’re check is on the way!

Thanks again for everything! I left a 5 star review on facebook but If you want me to leave any more at other sites just let us know and we’re happy to!
Thanks Sarah.


Bill Nuccio and Bill Jr had things run smooth for us from start to finish. My brother and I were looking to buy the newest generation Viper. They were prompt with communication when I would text and very easy to talk to when on the phone. Bill Sr picked us up from the airport, and got to know a little bit about us on our drive back. He found out we were as much gear heads as he was. Bill Jr took me and my brother for a couple rides in a Lotus he had, which was a nice gesture to us since we were curious about the lotus. We can't say enough about how we were treated like family.
Thanks Jeff and Ben Charles.

Thanks Bill

I'll let you know the amount of the oil change. Thanks for everything Bill, you and your family are a bunch of professionals. I'm glad I purchased the vehicle from your dealership. I'll make sure to pass the word around about your dealership.


Just wanted to thank you again for exceeding my expectations with my "dream car" purchase. The entire buying experience was a pleasure. My 2005 Viper was delivered to my door in an enclosed trailer and is in perfect collector condition... just like you said it was. You were very responsive by telephone, text, and email. Paperwork was done efficiently. I am very pleased.
Bill Hamlin - Wisconsin


I have personally bought cars from Bill for close to a decade now. My family has bought cars from him for close to 20 years. Bill is the most honest, knowledgeable , and trustworthy person I have worked with not only in the auto Industry, in any industry. I know that without seeing a car, that Bill always has my best interest in mind as the customer. If I had to sum up in one word what stands out more then anyone and any company in the automotive industry, it would be experience! The experience that Bill and Nuccio auto group provide is second to none. They have recreated the car buying process to make it a fast, efficient, enjoyable, and memorable one. I would recommend anyone I know looking to buy a car to Bill. I know they will be taken care of with first class status and Bill will provide them with an experience like no other. Bill has not only been my go to person for cars, but I now consider him one of my closet friends. As Bill always emphasizes "it's all about relationships". He has mine and my families for life!
Thanks Bill and Nuccio Auto Group


I purchased a 1989 Lotus Esprit SE from Bill Jr and the entire process was a pleasure. New York DMV gave me some hassle with the paperwork, NO surprise there, but Bill Jr. was patient with me and got me the paperwork DMV required. I didn't spend a lot on this car, I got a VERY fair deal for what I would call an "honest car". Bill Jr described it accurately so when I went to inspect it at his shop there were NO surprises. He held the car for me while I traveled for business and was just SUPER accommodating. I can't say enough good things about Bill & Bill Jr...they run a class shop!
Gerry Wagner

I was looking for a nice sport car and friends of mine highly recommended Bill Nuccio. I came to visit Bill and I just have one word to say, Wow!

The space is absolutely amazing the most perfect and beautiful exotic cars you will see anywhere. You will see anything From Ferraris ,Lamborghini ,Porsche Bentley ,Range Rover, Mercedes and so much more all in show room quality. As for the service, you will meet Bill and it is like talking to family or your best friend, you will be treated like royalty.

I bought a Porsche Boxster the same day without any pressure or hassle, what a really great experience! Bill called a few days after to see how I liked the car again, showing a tremendous level of customer service. I highly recommend Nuccio Auto Group and Bill Nuccio, thank you for my dream car! I not only got a very special beautiful car but the service is as perfect as my amazing black Porsche.

Thank You Bill

Dear Bill

I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to deal with you, your wife and your son. We have completed a number of transactions over the last few years and every one has been a pleasure You have been more than fair in every purchase and sale. Every car has been delivered to my home with out a hitch and the condition of the car has always exceeded my expectations. Your group is entirely devoted to making your customers happy now and in the future. Your operation is a model for the industry. I look forward to our future transactions.
Merry Christmas
Bob Dunn

Hi Bill

Just wanted to say how pleased I was with our transaction. This was my first vehicle purchase out of state, sight unseen. Normally it’s something I wouldn’t do without a test drive and inspection but after speaking with you a few times and being assured the car was in beautiful condition and mechanically sound we did the deal. And I must say the transaction went smoothly and you kept you word and had new tires put on the car after I took delivery. Your business ethics are above reproach and I would recommend anyone looking for a quality vehicle to contact you first. You are a man of your word and I respect that. Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future, till then stay healthy and I wish you and your Family a very Merry Christmas.
Mark L
Naples Fl.

Hello Bill x2!

Hope you are doing well...! I was looking for a high-end, low-mileage, super-clean car for my winter home. I shopped at 3 other dealerships and each experience was awful. Then, I met Bill Jr. and Bill Sr. Nuccio at Motor Cars International. What an amazingly pleasant experience!!! Not only did they help me find a perfect car, but more importantly I felt I was sitting at my kitchen table discussing what would make me happy. I never felt rushed and I never felt I was being sold. Rather, I felt like I was having a chat with my brother and father about what car would make me happy. They also went above and beyond helping me get the car shipped to California, getting the tags, etc. Well, it is now 3 months later, the car has been absolutely perfect - I got exactly what they said the car would be - and they have followed-up several times to see if I was happy!
So, consider me 110% pleased with the experience!
Chicago Business Executive


Drove 3 hours to meet with Bill and Close our deal. The car was everything I envisioned, just as clean as the pics showed and there were no surprises. All paperwork was in order and the transaction was sweet and simple. Will return for my next upgrade.

Good morning Gents,

Just a note to let you both know I am in love with the CTS-V you guys sold me! I am very pleased with the vehicle, and in addition wanted to thank you both for a pleasant experience in this purchase. I found you both extremely easy to deal with, and will most certainly recommend NUCCIO to family and friends. I will surely do business with you guys again.

Thanks Nuccio Auto Group

Had to share my great experience with Bill Nuccio Sr. He was low pressure and knew the history of the car he was selling. One great thing I found out was that all his cars have good history and none of the cars come from auctions. After coming to terms with a number that we were both happy with and signing the paperwork, the "Check Engine" light on the car came on just as I was about to drive it off the lot. Things like this happen and this is when you realize the type of people you're dealing with and I'm happy to say that Bill and his group were exceptional in owning the problem and taking care of it for me.

I picked up the car a few days later than I wanted to, but I was very happy with the final product and was very happy to have met someone in sales with integrity and honesty that Bill brings to the table.
in Illinois

Bill and Bill Jr.

I wanted to thank you both for GREAT car purchasing experience. You treated me like I was your “ #1 customer” from the first phone call through the delivery of my 911. This was the first time I purchased a car long distance sight unseen, but you helped me through what was at the same time - a rational and emotional decision. Appreciated your responsiveness to my calls and texts and accommodating my requests. The 911 arrived in excellent condition…just as represented!

Thanks again for your professionalism – you give the car business a great name and I’m proud to keep the Motorcars license frame on the back of my 911!
Marc M.
Edmond OK


I just wanted to remark about the pleasurable experience I have when Buying a car from Nuccio Autogroup. I have been a customer for over 20 yrs. in all those years I have Never bought a car anywhere else! I depend on reliability, service, well Maintained cars, and confidence in The cars they sell. I have never been sorry about a transaction with Nuccio Autogroup.

I would recommend their dealership To anyone, and I do! Please feel free to use me as a reference. This was the best buying experience I have ever had.
Thanks again
Sandy Barron


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate all your help with the purchase of the car. The sale went amazingly smooth. The car was even more impressive that you described. The PR you continued to provide even after sale was a welcome change. I always fly out to view a car before I purchase, but you went above and beyond to assure me that wasn't necessary. I kept asking for more pictures and you obliged without complaint.

Please feel free to use me as a reference. This was the best buying experience I have ever had.
Thanks again
Richard Tierney
Spring, TX


I have nothing but praise for Bill and his team. I traded and bought a high end exotic through Motorcars by Bill Nuccio and my experience couldn’t have been any better. I put a deposit down, sight unseen, flew up and closed the deal that day. They picked me up at the airport, test drove the car, and had it shipped to Texas within 2 days. The car was exactly as described, mechanically as well as cosmetically. A true man of his word and absolutely fair in his dealing, which is hard to find these days, I would not hesitate to deal with them again!


Ps. No one told me how stupidly fast this car is... I don’t think Texas law enforcement will be too happy with me… haha


it was great meeting you and your family today. The experience of buying my first Porsche far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for making this happen. I love this car!

Have a happy Easter weekend,
Respectfully, AP

Hello Bill and Bill,

Just wanted you guys to know what a great experience Rebecca and I had dealing with your company. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for their "dream car". In fact, I look forward to doing business with you again by having you sell my "pride and joy". I want whoever buys my car to enjoy the same professional treatment that I received. Bill thanks again for picking us up from the airport and opening up early. As a business owner myself, I can appreciate that you do whatever it takes for your customers.

Have a blessed day,
Mike and Rebecca

Bill and Bill Jr.

I can't begin to express my thanks to you both for another wonderful transaction.

You have come to earn a special place of trust and respect wit my family and this is very important.

Today, Rosemary commented about how much she "hates" buying cars and how much easier you made her feel about your commitments, promises and deliver on both.

When my lease is up in November on the M5, We will be looking for an escalade or a GMC Yukon Denali-XL We will be coming to you so please keep your eyes open.

See Ya for Coffee and Dounuts soon boys can't wait- either can I!!!!!

Love and Respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have to say this was by far the best car buying experience I have ever had. Bill and his staff went above and beyond my expectations at every detail of our purchase. From accommodating our schedule and opening early on a very cold wintry morning to going over the car from front to back explaining every detail that a person would need to know for a safe journey home. Not only were they professional, but their character and honesty made me feel like we had been friends for years. I live many states away and finding the right car for me was made easy by answering all my questions via email, texts and talking on the phone. They only sell exceptional cars and when I arrived at their beautiful showroom my 05 Lotus Elise was just that, exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend Motorcars International to anyone looking for an exotic car and proudly display their dealer plate on the front of my car. I can honestly say that I will be doing business with them again when the time comes for my next car!

John Ralph


Love the car! Thanks for making the process so easy. Now just need warm dry roads to really enjoy it.
Have a great weekend.


Hi Bill and Bill Jr.,

Just a short note to express my appreciation. I have been buying cars for 40 some years and in all that time I do not think I have ever had a purchase go as easily and quickly as both of you made it. There is something to be said about dealing directly with the Owners, we both put our cards on the table and everything came together as it should. Again, thank you for a very positive buying experience. Needless to say, we love our 09 S Class, what a car!

SB Elgin, Illinois


I recently bought a Hyundai Genesis Coupe from Bill. I live in Texas and the car was in Illinois, so I expected it to be a hassle. Bill took all the hassle away and made it so easy. He answered all my questions super fast and provided me with everything I needed. He sorted out the shipping without a problem and even a month after we had finalized the deal and I needed a document from the sale, Bill provided it within about 2 hours! Illinois is a long way from Texas, but through dealing with Bill, it fly like it was just at the end of the street. I'd highly recommend Bill and his dealership and would definitely buy a car from him again.

Thomas Perry

Thanks Bill

I will stop by sometime. You have made this experience one that I will remember for sure and am a fan of your business and will likely be a returning customer as I continue to build my car experiences in the future.

Richard Bledsoe

Bill and Bill

Thank you both for the great customer service that you provided Tonya and I after we traveled from Virginia to Chicago to purchase our Dodge Viper. It’s difficult to convince yourself that it’s practical to travel half way across the United States to buy a car you have only seen in pictures. However, your truthfulness and the detailed information you provided ensured that our expectation about the car were accurate. This made our trip worthwhile and very enjoyable. We were particularly impressed with your patience as we considered making this large purchase. Tonya and I still comment to each other on your willingness to move so many of your vehicles so that we could compare the performance and comfort of the Porsche 911 against our Viper. We love, and expect to enjoy the Viper for many years to come, however, the next time we get an “itch” to purchase another car…We are coming to you
Thank you,

Bryan & Tonya

G W - Chicago, IL

I have purchased over 30 cars from Bill Nuccio. I was extremely fortunate to find Bill and establish a trusting relationship. Bill’s experience in the industry as well as his nationwide contacts have been beneficial to myself and my family for many years now. His philosophy behind relationships, service and reputation serve his company, staff and clientele well. Not only is Bill the only person I would refer to someone for a vehicle, I now call him my friend. G.W. - Chicago, IL

Scott Ales- IronPlanet

There are rare occasions in life when you meet an individual in business that turns out to be an important part of your career. You have a tendency to remember the actual moment you first spoke with them because of the impact they made. Then, along the way you both invest heavily in the relationship in order to mutually benefit each other. I remember the specific day I met Bill Nuccio in 1988, I can see perfectly in my mind the first hand shake. Over the past 23 years it has been a privilege to learn, listen to, and offer assistance to Bill and those around him. This is a rare person, a priceless relationship with a sincerely dedicated business man who thinks first of his customers and others before himself. He has learned the golden rule, he lives it, and if you choose to be involved with his life you to will be a beneficiary the man. Like me, you will remember the day you met him! Regards, S.A..

Bob Cann - Motorcars International

I have known Bill Nuccio for over fifteen years. During this relationship Bill and I have had the opportunity to work on many projects together as Lamborghini dealer principals, as well as numerous car transactions. He has always been a pleasure to work with, a seasoned car man, and a trusted friend. A rare find in the automotive industry.

M C - Chicago, IL

I have had the honor of knowing Bill Nuccio for the past 15 years. In my past tenure as one of the managers at the local Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz store I would contact Bill from time to time to get his feedback when trading for an exotic car, such as a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Lotus. As owner of a Lamborghini, Lotus dealership in Chicago, Bill was always a wealth of information and quite valuable in assisting me put together deals. I decided to open my own dealership about three years ago. I hadn’t spoken to Bill in awhile, and was trying to trade for a Mercedes SL 65, which was too high priced for me to inventory. I called Lamborghini Chicago to once again get Bill’s feedback, only to find out he had sold the dealership earlier that year. The receptionist was kind enough to give me Bill’s contact information, and I gave him a call. He told me he had started a new company that helped dealers find inventory, and help them sell vehicles they didn’t want to keep. That was the best phone call I ever made! To keep my lot full, I was going to auctions weekly to purchase inventory. Since doing business with Bill, I haven’t had to go to the auction in 2 years! I talk to Bill daily, and we have probably done close to 100 transactions, both me buying cars from him, and selling him cars that I traded for and couldn’t use. The interesting thing about our relationship is that even though we have done 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of deals, Bill and I had never met face to face until this past summer. Bill has become my ‘go to’ guy, and I value our relationship immensely. Doing business with him has made a huge positive impact on my business. Keep up the great work Bill!